Olympia, the typewriter

Olympia, the typewriter

FReyja Patton
Text Artist

Formerly known as Bonnie Patton, Freyja Patton is an American artist residing in Canada, whose focus is on language and art. Patton has a BFA from the University of Lethbridge (2011), and is currently pursuing a Masters in Library and Information Studies at the University of Alberta (online cohort).

Patton specializes in an informal and playful style of production, treating words and language as both material and inspiration with the intent to challenge and engage viewers in internal and external conversations. For Patton, writing and drawing are synonymous, and art is simply another way of synthesizing information and learning about the world around us.

Based in a basement studio in Edmonton, Alberta, more of Patton's work can be found online on Tumblr, Instagram, or for purchase on RedBubble. Patton is also affiliated with The Conspiracy of Strange Girls, an art collective based in Minneapolis, MN.

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